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I'll be posting lyrics to songs that I've written.

THE FISHERMAN (Tale Of How Love Got Away)

HAS BEEN ADDED to Spotify, Apple, and Youtube ! ! ! 

"THE FISHERMAN" (Tale Of How Love Got Away)

words and music by james lee ternosky

Ebony river.  First morning light

The fisherman sets on his way

Mist on the water.  Cloud in his heart

He pushes from shore; and escapes

Drifting in silence.  Drifting in time

Back to those innocent days

Back to a young girl in t-shirt and jeans

Back to a distant embrace


Cold waters behind

Hope of the new day ahead

Age-old fisherman's tale

Tale of what once came his way

Tale of how love got away

Tale of how love got away

Sweet summer laughter still in his head

Whispers and dreams in the dark

When he said "I'll try to be all that you need"

And she said "You already are"

Never forgotten, late summer pledge

She would be changing her name

But they didn't count on a change in her heart

And he's never met quite the same

Repeat chorus

And he stays on his course

Looks for a love like the one that he lost

Trusting his luck will get better some day

The fisherman, casting away

Repeat chorus

copyright, 2006, james lee ternosky

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